Tacoma Hounds Crest

Always Grateful, Never Satisfied

A motto represents the distillation of an organization’s ideals, philosophy, and purpose – everything it stands for – into an impactful phrase.

TGAC’s motto – “Always Grateful, Never Satisfied” – means that members remain respectful of the community and opportunities available to them, made possible by those who came before (“Always Grateful”). It also means that out of that respect for what came before, we strive as a collective and as individuals to pursue more, develop more, achieve more, and, in return, provide more in all facets of life (“Never Satisfied”).

Co-op membership requires maintaining this high standard for yourself and your clubmates. It requires approaching all club activity with the determination to bring your best, pursue improvement, and deliver the highest quality possible in the things you do. Hard work doesn’t guarantee success, but becoming successful requires hard work. 

TGAC maintains a club culture of members striving to make everything they encounter better than when they found it – the club, the jersey, their community, and other communities. It means offering extra, trying your best even with the little things or when no one is watching, and doing it “the right way.” No one else need look after the Co-op, because the Co-op looks after itself. Every member and generation stands on the shoulders of those before – be a good set of shoulders to support those around you now and those who will follow you.

Then at one point in my career, something wonderful happened. I don’t know why or how… but I came to understand what “team” meant. It meant that although I didn’t get a hit or make a great defensive play, I could impact the team in an incredible and consistent way… I learned I could impact my team by caring first and foremost about the team’s success and not my own.

“When I gave up me, I became more. I became a captain, a leader, a better person and I came to understand that life is a team game. And you know what? I’ve found most people aren’t team players. They don’t realize that life is the only game in town. Someone should tell them. It has made all the difference in the world to me.”           – Don Mattingly