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Tuesday – October 2 – Gym

Tacoma Hurling & Camogie Workout

Since there’s a match tomorrow, we opted for a lighter than typical, full-body session. It will be time to ‘go hard’ once Indoor has completed.

Load a barbell with a comfortable weight, about 30-50#. Transition immediate from the first exercise into the second. Rest for 30 seconds and perform the second set.

Set 1 (x2)

10 @ Military Press

10 weighted lean forward/back extension

Set 2 (x2)

10 @ bicep curl

10 @ bent row (overhand or underhand grip)

Set 3 (x2)

10 @ reverse curls

10 @ standing overhead tricep extension

Set 4 (x2)

10 @ Squats

10 @ Barbell Ab Roll

Set 5 (x2)

10 @ Ring/TRX push-ups

10 @ Pull up (or until failure)

Set 6 (x3)

10 @ suspended sit-up


Stretch, Roll, Shoot the Breeze

Sep 6, 2018

Tacoma Hounds Hurling and Camogie
20-min Warm Up & Stretching
Hang Power Clean
This was 50/50 work and instruction. Jordan put the squad through 45 minutes of instruction and reps for form. Many lessons were learned.
5 Sets
8 @ Back Squats (50% effort)
The weight and rep count was primarily to view and correct issues with form. Body mechanics change everything.
"Tail-Pipe" – Partner Workout (5 x Each)
250m Sprint Row
50# D-Ball Carry
While one partner is rowing, the other must carry the d-ball at chest height.
5 Minute Plank
Hold any plank position for the duration.