Coordinating Field 3 - Loungin' pitch-side between matches.

West Coast 7s Recap: Coordinating Field 3

Over Memorial Day Weekend in May, the Hounds traveled down to San Diego to volunteer and help run part of this year’s West Coast 7s competition by coordinating Field 3. The tournament’s group stage began on Saturday (5/26), with the Semi-Final and Final rounds culminating on Sunday (5/27).

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Sean-nós 2018

Sean-nós Festival 2018

Over the weekend, the Hounds spent some time down at the Sean-nós Festival held in Olympia on The Evergreen State College’s campus. While there to put on a quick hurling demonstration, we were able to mingle with some of the other festival-goers. We’ll have to practice to keep from butchering them, but we tried to pick up a few phrases for when we send a couple Co-op members to Ireland in June.

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17th Annual Ahead of the Class Awards Ceremony, Sean Davis

Congrats for Being Ahead of the Class, Sean Davis!

One of the Co-op’s members, Sean Davis, was honored as a Finalist at the 17th Annual Ahead of the Class award ceremony on April 2nd 2018. 10 teachers from the Renton School District were nominated for the awards, 5 of whom were chosen as winners. The Ahead of the Class award program was founded by the Renton Chamber of Commerce, Renton schools, and Renton businesses to enhance community awareness of the excellence of education in Renton.

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Tacoma Gaelic Athletic Co-op (TGAC)

TGAC: Release the Hounds!

We’re excited to announce the formation of Tacoma Gaelic Athletic Co-op! You can call us TGAC, “the Co-op,” or “the Hounds” for short.

TGAC formed as an American GAA club and team dedicated to promoting Irish sports and challenging each other to work towards improving our ourselves and the community around us in the Tacoma metropolitan area.

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