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Tacoma Hounds Indoor Draft 2018

Tacoma Hounds’ 2018 Indoor Draft Recap

The 2018 Indoor Draft is finalized! If you have seen the main page overhaul of the Tacoma Hounds’ website, you should know that Indoor League kicks off tonight! You can catch us over at the Tacoma Soccer Center (2610 E Bay St, Tacoma, WA 98421) every Wednesday through November 14th, playing indoor matches from 700pm-830.

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TGAC Poster

Tacoma Hounds Rookie Days

The Tacoma Hounds are always recruiting new members and players, but the upcoming series of Rookie Days offers any interested beginners the most complete crash-course for developing a solid grasp of Hurling’s basic skills. There’s no better opportunity to get up to speed with a quick primer in this exciting sport, and one or more sessions will better prepare attendees for a standard practice.

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Tacoma Gaelic Athletic Co-op (TGAC)

TGAC: Release the Hounds!

We’re excited to announce the formation of Tacoma Gaelic Athletic Co-op! You can call us TGAC, “the Co-op,” or “the Hounds” for short.

TGAC formed as an American GAA club and team dedicated to promoting Irish sports and challenging each other to work towards improving our ourselves and the community around us in the Tacoma metropolitan area.

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