Tacoma Gaelic Athletic Co-op (TGAC)

TGAC: Release the Hounds!

We’re excited to announce the formation of Tacoma Gaelic Athletic Co-op! You can call us TGAC, “the Co-op,” or “the Hounds” for short.

TGAC formed as an American GAA club and team dedicated to promoting Irish sports and challenging each other to work towards improving our ourselves and the community around us in the Tacoma metropolitan area.

You may have run into one of our posters, but to hastily hit the highlights and fast facts:

  • We play the Irish sport of Hurling, governed by the Gaelic Athletics Association (GAA) – a sports organization comprised of an entirely unpaid, amateur athletes and volunteers with a focus on the local community’s identity, engagement, and development.
  • No experience or equipment necessary to play or just try it out – We all start somewhere and our current players all began learning hurling between the ages of 19-38
  • We provide Co-ed Training, with the intention to support a women’s Camogie side to compete in the NW Division and USGAA
  • You must (Currently) be 18+ to play
  • Water and Cleats (or “Boots” for those of you in-the-know) are HIGHLY recommended
  • First Year Dues: Sweat and Determination

Come to a practice to check it out and see if the Co-op is for you!

We’re always looking for non-playing members who want to get involved as well, so please don’t hesitate to reach out!

The GAA is an amateur organization providing every individual the amazing opportunity to Be Your Own Local Hero.