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Hounds on the Grit City Podcast

Fall 2019 Activities: Indoor League, Grit City Podcast, & Hurloween

Now that Labor Day has come and gone, the Tacoma Hounds are shifting gears for Fall 2019 – but don’t go thinking we’ve closed up shop completely. This week, our episode of the Grit City Podcast dropped and, in a few weeks, Indoor makes its return!

Last month, some Hounds sat down with Scott, Justin, and Jeff for the Grit City Podcast. We ran into the show-runners at the McKinley Hill Street Fair and things just got rolling from there. The episode is available for download or stream on their website as of 9/2. The live-stream recording is also available on their YouTube page. Be sure to check it out and give a listen! We had a super rad time and hope to do more with these guys in the future.

Next up on the Hounds’ Fall 2019 calendar is everyone’s favorite spin on Hurling: Indoor League! We’ll be down at the Tacoma Soccer Center once again to showcase the South Sound’s silkiest stickwork with the “freshest game on ‘grass’”. This time, however, we’ll be taking our talents center stage to the big field for 5 matches plus a special event.

If you’re interested in playing Indoor, be sure to reach out to us or join us at a Rookie Day session on September’s Saturdays to gain a bit of experience before tackling the turf. Spectators are more than welcome if that’s more your wheelhouse; the main field at TSC features mezzanine seating for an unparalleled view of the action.

Fall 2019’s Indoor League Schedule:

Every Saturday in October, 10am
(Pending TSC confirmation; Update Soon).

Hurloween Extravaganza – Costumed Indoor Match
10/26, 10am

The Tacoma Soccer Center is located at:
2610 E. Bay Street
Tacoma, WA 98421

You’ll notice in the Indoor Schedule that the Hound’s special Hurloween Extravaganza makes a reappearance for its second annual year. Whereas last year’s costumes were a free-for-all, the 2019 edition is themed. What theme you may ask? Why, none other than John Woo’s 1997 action epic Face/Off starring Nicholas Cage and John Travolta. This year’s event will feature a team of various Nicholas Cage roles pitted against a team of various John Travolta roles. You’re definitely going to want to show up for this classic showdown unlike anything else in the Hurling world.

For the remainder of the off-season, we’ll be paring down our weekly activities to pick-up/hit-arounds on Saturdays at the usual practice time and location: 9am, Ford Middle School. These informal meetups are the perfect opportunity to grab a hands-on introduction to the fastest game on grass. During the week, you can find Hounds at Tacoma Strength, Tuesday and Thursday 730-9, keeping in shape for whatever challenges we tackle in 2020. Wednesday practices will resume next Spring.

Grit City Podcast

Grit City Podcast with the Tacoma Hounds

On August 18th, 4 of the Tacoma Hounds sat down with Scott, Justin, and Jeff to record a can’t-miss episode for Grit City Podcast!

These guys release an episode every Monday highlighting the business owners, entrepreneurs, authors, artists, and unique characters that call Tacoma home. They love to sit down with Tacomans they feel personify the blue collar, hard work ethic people associate with “Grit”. It was an awesome experience!

Upon arrival, Justin let us inside the Union Club and we all headed downstairs to their studio for the session to get started. After a quick overview, we were ready to sit down to the mics and record what felt more like a hang-out than an interview. Unique characters themselves, Scott, Justin, and Jeff were on it from start to finish with a fun but professional mindset. As rookies to the podcast format, we felt very welcomed and witnessed them exemplify the gritty ethic they love to see in their guests. It was super rad to be a part of what they do and get a behind-the-scenes look at the podcast world.

The conversation started out with an overview and explanation of Hurling, made all-the-more enjoyable by the 3 host’s lack of familiarity. We love to introduce our passion to new people and the hosts were full of insightful questions. From rules to player mentality to our familial community to the Co-op’s activities, we covered the whole gamut. The episode wrapped up with some “Coaster Questions” – a unique format that hit us with a live, un-prepped Q&A round.

To listen and get a feel for the Tacoma Hounds organization and its people – and find out our favorite mythical animals – check out the episode when it drops on Sept. 2 for download. A recording of the live stream is also available on the Grit City Podcast youtube channel.

Salty Pretzels vs. Unicorn Wranglers, Week 1

Showcasing the South Sound’s Silkiest Stickwork this Spring

Interested in trying out a new activity or simply a sports super fan? If you love sports, you’ll love Hurling and there are two exciting events in the month of April where you can catch the Tacoma Hounds playing some top-notch matches:

4/13/19 – The Annual Sean-nós Festival
The Evergreen State College in Olympia, 11:15am-12:30

4/17/19 – Indoor League Cup Final Match
Tacoma Soccer Center, 730pm – 830pm

Sean-nós Festival

Every year, the Irish Cultural Society of the Pacific Northwest hosts the Sean-nós Festival at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. The festival primarily celebrates and promotes three aspects of traditional Irish culture: sean-nós singing, sean-nós dancing, and the Irish language – otherwise known as “Gaeilge”. This year’s festival will be held form April 12th-14th, mostly in the campus’ Communications Building.

“Sean-nós” (pronounced “shan-nos”) literally means “old style.” It refers to the Irish language songs, poetry, and dances that were popular during the 17th and 18th centuries. Although songs and steps are passed down from teacher to student and between artists, each performance is unique and personal to the performer.

The Tacoma Hounds will be building on last year’s appearance as Featured Guest Instructors for 2019, with an expanded exhibition scrimmage and accompanying, hands-on demo for any interested participants. This session will occur at the soccer field near the Communications Building, from 11:15am to 12:30 (please see image below). Please wear clothing and footwear that will be comfortable while moving and suitable for grass; water is recommended in general, but the hands-on demo will not feature strenuous activity.

Sean-nós session location outlined in red.

Indoor League Cup Final Match

The Unicorn Wranglers, the Trashfires, and the Salty Pretzels’ efforts to win the Indoor League Cup all come to a head on April 17th during this spring’s final Wednesday Night Lights showdown. The Unicorn Wranglers have already punched their ticket to the turf for the title match, but who will join them?

There’s still time to find out who else makes the title card, as the Trashfires and Unicorn Wranglers throw down tonight (4/3) before one last match pits the Trashfires against the Salty Pretzels (4/10). It’ll all come down to the final week of the regular season, but a Trashfires win tonight really turns up the heat on the Pretzels. Will the Trashfires overbake the Pretzels? Or will the Pretzels’ dough rise to the occasion and come out of the Indoor oven golden-brown?

The Tacoma Soccer Center provides the perfect venue to be right on top of the action, with elevated seating above the field and glass that brings you rink-side, right up to the players. Every match this season has featured electrifying play resulting in over a score per minute. Check out some of last season’s highlight reels while this spring’s are still cookin’!

If you can’t get enough Hurling action like the rest of us, keep an eye out for information about our upcoming Rookie Day Series starting later this month!

Tacoma Hounds Indoor Draft 2018

Tacoma Hounds’ 2018 Indoor Draft Recap

The 2018 Indoor Draft is finalized! If you have seen the main page overhaul of the Tacoma Hounds’ website, you should know that Indoor League kicks off tonight! You can catch us over at the Tacoma Soccer Center (2610 E Bay St, Tacoma, WA 98421) every Wednesday through November 14th, playing indoor matches from 700pm-830.

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TGAC Poster

Tacoma Hounds Rookie Days

The Tacoma Hounds are always recruiting new members and players, but the upcoming series of Rookie Days offers any interested beginners the most complete crash-course for developing a solid grasp of Hurling’s basic skills. There’s no better opportunity to get up to speed with a quick primer in this exciting sport, and one or more sessions will better prepare attendees for a standard practice.

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