Grit City Podcast

Grit City Podcast with the Tacoma Hounds

On August 18th, 4 of the Tacoma Hounds sat down with Scott, Justin, and Jeff to record a can’t-miss episode for Grit City Podcast!

These guys release an episode every Monday highlighting the business owners, entrepreneurs, authors, artists, and unique characters that call Tacoma home. They love to sit down with Tacomans they feel personify the blue collar, hard work ethic people associate with “Grit”. It was an awesome experience!

Upon arrival, Justin let us inside the Union Club and we all headed downstairs to their studio for the session to get started. After a quick overview, we were ready to sit down to the mics and record what felt more like a hang-out than an interview. Unique characters themselves, Scott, Justin, and Jeff were on it from start to finish with a fun but professional mindset. As rookies to the podcast format, we felt very welcomed and witnessed them exemplify the gritty ethic they love to see in their guests. It was super rad to be a part of what they do and get a behind-the-scenes look at the podcast world.

The conversation started out with an overview and explanation of Hurling, made all-the-more enjoyable by the 3 host’s lack of familiarity. We love to introduce our passion to new people and the hosts were full of insightful questions. From rules to player mentality to our familial community to the Co-op’s activities, we covered the whole gamut. The episode wrapped up with some “Coaster Questions” – a unique format that hit us with a live, un-prepped Q&A round.

To listen and get a feel for the Tacoma Hounds organization and its people – and find out our favorite mythical animals – check out the episode when it drops on Sept. 2 for download. A recording of the live stream is also available on the Grit City Podcast youtube channel.