2018 Off-season Schedule

2018 Off-season Schedule & Activities

Moving into October, the Tacoma Hounds are winding down our activity a bit as we head into the 2018 Off-season. We will not be completely shutting up shop, though, and you can still find us around Tacoma keeping our Hurling skills from getting too rusty in the rain.

2018 Off-season’s Schedule:

The major activity change is there are no Monday practices scheduled until 2019’s season starts up again.

We will still run through (mostly lighter) workouts at Tacoma Strength through the end of 2018. As we get closer to 2019, training will start ramping back up in the gym.

Indoor League is the Tacoma Hound’s currently running recreational league, with matches every Wednesday at 7pm from September 26th through November 14th. Signups for this season are closed, unfortunately, as the teams have all been drafted – but you should absolutely come down to the Tacoma Soccer Center to check out the Nutmeggers, the Lumberjacks, and the Panthers take each other on in pursuit of the first-ever league title.

Next Indoor League season will kick off in early 2019, so be on the lookout for signups!

Catching an Indoor League match is a super fun (and super budget friendly!) Wednesday night out, offering some primetime seats right up against the glass or looking down onto the field with that old-arena feel you just cannot beat. Come meet some of the Tacoma Hounds and see if Hurling is your kind of sport – playing or spectating. Despite our persistent proclamations that Hurling is everyone’s kind of sport, it seems some people just need to find out for themselves…

While there is no admission fee to watch an Indoor League match, the Tacoma Hounds do suggest a donation of a non-perishable or canned food item, which we can donate to the local Nourish Pierce County Food Banks.

If you are itching to try out some Hurling, feel free to drop in on any of the Tacoma Hounds’ Pickup Matches, starting at 9am every Saturday at Morris Ford Middle School. First-timers are more than welcome, and plenty of skills instructors are always around to provide an overview of Hurling skills. Bringing sports back to the backyard, we will split everyone present up into teams and get to playing until about 1030am/11.

Interested in trying out Hurling or getting involved, but are not sure you can make any of the above times or events in the 2018 Off-season? Just shoot us a quick email or reach out to us through social media and we can pass along some information about the Tacoma Hounds and all of our upcoming activities.